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In the Middle East, one of the biggest challenges growers face is the severe water shortage, due to its extreme hot and dry climate. Persian Growth helps you to get the high quality production you are aiming for in the most sustainable way possible, with a special concern over water and energy efficiency. As a group of experts, active in 75 counties and with over half a century of experience, we aim to offer customized solutions that address all challenges that are being faced by growers in Iran.

In fact, the modern day greenhouse is presenting more and more of a challenge when it comes to the right design and construction. Simply put: it’s becoming a complex task which requires a lot of  deep knowledge and rich experience to achieve an optimum and profitable solution. Our turn-key greenhouses give growers around the world the opportunity to grow their crops, totally care-free, thanks to the delivery of a complete, customized package. Persian Growth takes care of the whole process: from  custom-made design to completion of the project, and provides training as well as local service in order to truly achieve the quality we offer. Our main goal is to find the optimum solutions that work in favor of protected cultivation and our customers.


Establishing the design of the greenhouse and advising the best options for your personal project is where it all starts. We offer total solutions that are manufactured and built-to-fit from the very start. Therefore, we are able to fit the concept of a turn-key greenhouse perfectly to the customers’ requirements. The design will be tailored to meet your specific situation.


Once the project planning is completed, the implementation of the whole project will be taken care of by our team. With the help of the right (local) specialists we can ensure all the technical installations to be executed correctly and smoothly. The custom-made design can be upgraded in the future, making it a long term investment that allows you to benefit from new features and improvements.

Continued care

By continuous development and implementation of the best solutions, we aim to create value for your company. Constant care to increase the production and quality of your crop. In order to do so, we provide the necessary training as well as the right local service to get the best out of your systems. We are active in more than 75 countries and therefore have knowledge of the climate of all continents. This is the founding basis of all our knowledge on which we build our training programs.

About Persian Growth

Everyone in horticulture is looking for profitable and sustainable ways to set up their business. This means improving the quality and quantity of production, improving work conditions, reducing energy, emissions and water consumption, and minimizing costs.

Persian Growth is able to offer all of these aspects in one package, ready for usage. Persian Growth is a consortium uniting leading Dutch, French and Iranian horticultural companies who are aiming to create sustainable turn-key greenhouse projects in Iran. The partners all complement one another when it comes to know-how, technology and experience.

Based on the combined expertise from different countries, we are able to help growers in Iran with their specific production needs. We give you the opportunity to realize a turn-key project without having to treat every aspect separately. We supply horticultural entrepreneurs with all the tools they need to achieve healthy and high quality crops and we provide intelligent horticultural solutions that are adaptable to local circumstances. How do we achieve this? By helping you to create a favorable greenhouse climate at all times, while reducing water consumption significantly and cutting back on ongoing costs such as energy costs.










Benefits of our solutions

Sustainable solutions to reduce water and energy consumption

High quality design according to European standards

Customized design according to climatic conditions & crop type

Greenhouse control thanks to intelligent automation

Long term investment thanks to upgradable designs

Continuous innovations and improvements 

From the simplest to the most advanced design

For a complete tailor-made solution

products & services


Our greenhouses are custom-built to your specific crop requirements and climate conditions. They provide the best environment for ideal plant protection and optimal growth. Moreover, for each implementation site, the resistance of our structure is calculated according to the European standards. It is, in short, the high quality space you need, to stimulate the high quality you want your crops to have.


Get the best out of your crops by controlling all processes in your greenhouse. You can ensure high quality production while at the same time sustaining low costs by the effective use of resources. Thanks to the automation of processes we can continuously improve the systems and create the best growing conditions for your crops.


Water is essential to a healthy crop growth. In order to optimize the water consumption and the quality of your crops, a whole range of hydroponic systems can be considered, from the simplest to the most advanced ones. You will be able to regulate irrigation and precisely coordinate the dosages needed in your greenhouse.


Energy-efficiency and renewable energy play a vital role in making our energy and water systems more sustainable. This can be realized by e.g. having access to energy supplies that run longer on less energy, such as LED systems. With our deep knowledge about the power industry, we provide solutions such as CHP installation, as well as engineering, production, wiring and construction of HV/LV switch gears.


With the cultivation process being the core part of your production, we also supply the best quality systems to grow your crops. The operating system is one that is specifically designed to be as flexible and efficient as possible and to provide you with clear insights in the total cultivation process. It enables you to anticipate such actions as cultivation, processing and purchasing. Besides, it gives you more insights into sales and market developments.


To deliver the best service, we have local specialized technicians who provide high quality and fast service where this is required.  With our remote and on-site support, our local technicians provide fast support and minimal interruptions to your employees, freeing you to focus on running your business.


To get the most out of our products, we provide specialized training at any location: in-company or online. Our user training will see to it that you have all the right knowledge at your disposal. You will become the trained professional that knows all the ins and outs of your turn-key greenhouse and achieve the high quality production you are aiming for.


Our specialized team of professionals succeed in finding the right solutions for each customer. We give you advice on any aspect related to your greenhouse. New questions arise at every season change and our continuous development makes that we can tackle all those changes by upholding these sustainable greenhouse projects. We provide personal advice for your customized greenhouse.

We are Persian Growth

Our team

CMF Groupe

Greenhouse constructor

About CMF Groupe

As a leading French company in the horticulture sector, CMF has been established more than 50 years ago in Varades (in the Loire Valley), France. The activity of this industrial group focuses on designing, manufacturing and assembling glass and plastic greenhouses, and related equipment across the 5 continents. In order to insure the best quality, the whole greenhouse structures are still manufactured by CMF Groupe in two production sites located in France. Thanks to an extensive experience as research and production greenhouse builder, CMF Groupe has acquired the expertise to design and implement the most efficient turn-key solutions for any kind of project with a constant concern for climate control.


Consultancy & training

About SFP

SFP is the representative of the Persian Growth consortium and leading in the horticultural sector of Iran. The company provides advanced consultancy service, and through its partners offers a wide range of technical solutions, from the simplest to the most advanced ones. Think about total solutions such as complete turn-key projects for plastic and glass greenhouses, including all internal equipment such as irrigation and climate control systems. In addition, SFP provides local services for mentioned systems. In short, the SFP vision is to offer the total solution in the horticulture sector for the Iranian Market. The company offers consultancy before starting the project (which is specifically designing greenhouse complex concepts), technical solutions for construction and also education after the completion of the greenhouses.

Hoogendoorn Growth Management

Horticultural automation

About Hoogendoorn

With almost 50 years of experience in horticultural automation, Hoogendoorn Growth Management is one of the leaders when it comes to sustainable growth solutions. Hoogendoorn is an innovative supplier of process automation systems and delivers climate computers, different kinds of sensors and irrigation, food and labour registration systems. These sustainable products help reduce costs and risks, but also the use of energy, water, fertilizers and chemicals. Hoogendoorn uses the latest techniques and horticultural insights to create an optimal climate for your crop, due to which the crop yields increase.

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